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Winter Grab Bag!!!


Winter Grab Bags will ship to fulfillment starting tomorrow and ship through the week of December 16th.Christmas delivery is not guaranteed, if you'd like something specific please order it from the website.  

The Grab Bag sale happens whenever the big crate that hold the samples, one-offs, and extra product starts overflowing. Grab Bags contain anywhere from 1 product to a handful, and the retail value is always at least double the price (sometimes 3-5x!). Grab Bags are chosen at random, we take all the extra product and fill up some nice linen dust bags with whatever fits. These grab bags are get-what-you-get, and all sales are final. Full lifetime guarantee applies on all product including sample pieces.

The 2014 Winter Grab Bags contain all different pieces, both new and from the collection (in new and different colors).

Some unique items that may find their way into your Winter grab bag this time around are:

-Brass plated bottlehooks

- Horween Latigo key cases and belt loops with copper and brass hardware

- Two tone passport cases and unique Horween colored passport cases, bifolds, and card wallets

- 7oz single wrap stud bracelets in an assortment of colors (will always be in pairs of small and large for a guaranteed fit)

-Slim bifolds, made with 2-3oz interiors and no thick lining piece

There are grab bags with a few small pieces together (bottlehooks, bracelet sets, key cases, card wallets, etc), and there are bags with a single big piece (wallet, passport case, etc). As always, I threw in 2-3 shells worth of black and #8 Shell Cordovan product as well. 

Please note: these are samples and extras. Branding may be placed differently than stock items, colors may and will be different than those on the website, and you may have to put the keyring on the Bottlehook yourself. This is Corter's online version of an in-person sample sale, with the goal that all samples and extras get used instead of put in storage or thrown away (and it's a really fun way to get a bunch of cool stuff on the cheap!). If you would like something specific, please order it from the website directly. 

Made in New England.


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